Quick Check Commercial® – Unmanned Inspection System


Brand : Hunter | Model : Hunter Quick Check Commercial®

A 30-second drive-through offers an instant and effortless health check on tire tread and alignment, two of the most important safety and economic considerations for commercial vehicles.

Click here to learn how Quick Check® Commercial can help save fuel and extend tire life across your entire fleet. Maintaining your HD fleet at its highest efficiency can be a lot of stressful responsibility, but Hunter’s Quick Check® Commercial provides peace of mind by increasing profitability through automatic, touchless alignment results—while Quick Tread® Heavy rapidly and accurately measures tread depth. Since the innovative, unmanned system requires nothing more than driving the vehicle between the towers, trucks can be cycled through continuously without operator time or labour, providing clear and actionable data affecting fuel economy and tire life.  The Quick Check® Commercial system uses cameras and lasers to inspect for camber, total toe, scrub and tread wear on all tires in less than 30 seconds, supporting multi-trailer configurations, dual axles and super-single tires, as well as full-size and medium-duty trucks.