Hunter AutoComp Elite® – Brake Lathe

Brand : Hunter | Model : AutoComp Elite

AutoComp Elite

Introducing Hunter’s new ACT (Anti-Chatter Technology)- equipped AutoComp Elite brake lathe virtually eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.


  • Pro-Comp® Compensation
    Simple runout compensation & Quick setup
  • Reverse Rotation
    Easily service vehicles with excess driveline drag
  • AutoComp Elite® Adaptor
    Fast runout compensation & Easy two-way adjustment
  • Powerful Motor and Drive
    1.5-hp motor provides unmatched speed and torque
  • Pivoting Control Module
    Operates upright on either side of the vehicle & Easily accessible adjustments
  • Anti-Chatter Technology
    Oscillates machining speed to prevent buildup of vibration, Provides smoother surface finish & Eliminates use of chatter bands
  • Variable-Speed Drive System
    Change speeds during machining, Resurface rotors at fastest possible speed & Service rotors on rear locking differentials without disconnecting the driveline
  • Precise Machining
    Unique, staggered cutting pattern prevents radial “push-out” effect of typical spiral pattern
  • Service in Less Than 9 Minutes
    Attach adaptor/lathe, Compensate lateral runout with single-point adjustment & Set cut depth and go.